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It is always useful to have monitoring – we use mysql-exporter, node-exporter, Prometheus and Grafana. After 1 year of using it I cannot imagine solving any problem on the database without monitoring.

Percona dashboards for Grafana + my own dashboards based on them showing data from mysql-exporter are my “everyday friends” 🙂

If you see lags in monitoring:

  1. Check output of the command
    show slave status\G
  2. value “Relay_Log_File” shows relay log which is currently processed on replica.
  3. Look into directory with relay logs (variable “relay-log”) and check if there are relay logs with higher number in extension available.
  4. If not – problem is with IO_THREAD – meaning your network is too slow. Try:
    • set “slave_compressed_protocol=ON” – data sent from master will be compressed so lower amount will be transfered.
    • If you have problems with network connectivity check “slave_net_timeout” (=timeout in seconds) and if it is too high set it to some small number like 10 etc.
    • Similar setting is “CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_CONNECT_RETRY = xx” to some low value (value is also in seconds).
  5. If you see more unapplied relay logs available then problem is with SQL_THREAD which is more tricky.
  6. Try:
    • binlog_format=MIXED (or even STATEMENT)
    • innodb_thread_concurrency to some higher number
    • slave_parallel_workers to some non zero or higher number (most likely you will have to set “slave-parallel-type=LOGICAL_CLOCK”)